Free Google Glass Icon Set 2013.1: Free Google Glass Icon Set set is a great icon pack for hitech enthusiasts!

Free Google Glass Icon Set 2013.1

Glasses, Cool Google Glasses, Girl Google Glasses, Google Glass, Google Glass construction, Google Glasses, Googler, Guy Google Glasses, Student Google Glasses. You can incorporate the Free Google Glass Icon Set icons into your designs with ease. Because they are professionally designed, you will not encounter many of the common issues with icon design which can render a site ugly or professional, such as pixilation or blurring caused by enlarging

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Magnifying Glass Pro 1.8.3: Desktop magnifying glass pro: a full screen magnifier with variety of options

Magnifying Glass Pro 1.8.3

Magnifying Glass Pro is a full screen magnifier that magnifies portions of the screen under your mouse cursor or caret. This desktop magnifying glass is useful to designers, engineers, visually impaired users, PC-to-TV connections, multi-monitor systems. It contains a unique set of features: many visual options, auto-change Glass settings upon application detection, easy-to-control Glass with on-screen HUD. Platforms: Win 9x/2000/XP.

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LensPro III 3.85: Lens Pro III is a plug-in module for Adobe Photoshop and compatibles.

LensPro III 3.85

Lens Pro III - is a new plug-in module for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors supporting the same standard. Creating lenses various shapes and forms. Creating crystals and prisms with different geometry. Creating glass 3D objects and apply different effect to this. Creating glass surfaces by masks and contours. Adjusting optical properties of glass. Creating particles system from glass objects and create original patterns.

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Glass Cutting Suite 4.7.9: sheet layout software,Nesting Software, cutting optimizer for panel

Glass Cutting Suite 4.7.9

Glass Cutting Suite is CAD/CAM nesting software for sheet layout, cutting glass, sheet metal layout, cutting optimization. Glass Cutting Suite is a state of the art nesting software for generating optimized layouts and reducing scrap generated by 2 Dimensional Rectangular cutting (Guillotine cutting or shearing) processes. It finds application in varied industries such as Glass cutting, Sheet Metal layout and fabrication, Wood working, Building panel

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3D Realistic Hourglass Screensaver 1.76: Use this realistic hourglass as your screensaver.

3D Realistic Hourglass Screensaver 1.76

Use this realistic hourglass as your screensaver, add classic style to your desktop.It consists of two glass bulbs placed one above the other which are connected by a narrow tube. One of the bulbs is filled with fine sand which flows through the narrow tube into the bottom bulb . Once all the sand has run to the bottom bulb, the device is inverted in order to measure another time`s really an ideal screensaver.

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Looking Glass 1.0b2: Looking Glass is a geometric optics construction set.

Looking Glass 1.0b2

Glass will help students develop an intuition for the effect of lenses and mirrors on light rays. Students will gain a better understanding of the physics behind the images. By creating and exploring their own lenses and mirrors with Looking Glass, students encounter many of the core concepts in optics. Looking Glass was designed for use in high school and college physics studies. The software offers convex and concave lenses and mirrors; virtual

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Zoner 3D Photo Maker 1.0: Make 3D photos - have fun with your digital camera!

Zoner 3D Photo Maker 1.0

Make 3D photos - have fun with your digital camera! Zoner 3D Photo Maker is your guide to easy creation of images ("anaglyphs") that appear in simulated 3D when viewed through special glasses with one red and one blue lens. A special algorithm assembles the two shots into an image that will look 3D when viewed through special colored glasses. Zoner can provide these glasses by post for a fee.

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Find It puzzle 01: Online game glassez. is out. you have to make a complete stainedglass picture of

Find It puzzle 01

Online game glassez. is out. you have to make a complete stainedglass picture of variously shaped glass pieces. rotate the pieces of different form and. Do you like to put together jigsaw puzzles? many people do. read this instructive article today and learn how you can actually make your own puzzles.. This is a game of focus and a little mousing skill, but not much. all you do is keep your mouse cursor over the moving ball for as long as you c

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Orlando Auto Glass Repair 2.0: Enjoy the Florida Sunset on this screensaver!  This screensaver is free...

Orlando Auto Glass Repair 2.0

Enjoy the Florida Sunset on this screensaver! Now you can see the great view of Florida`s sunset`s on your screensaver. 100% free from Orlando Auto Glass Repair .

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Okeechobee Auto Glass Repair 1: This free puzzle game has a image of a women driving a car.

Okeechobee Auto Glass Repair 1

This free puzzle game has a image of a women driving a car. This is a 100% free puzzle game from Okeechobee Auto Glass Repair. This is great for kids 6 years to adults. I hope everyone enjoys and we will keep new one`s comming.

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